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Scheduling Goals

During orthodontic treatment you will typically see us every 4-10 weeks. Some of these appointments will inevitably conflict with work or school schedules. Our goal is to minimize these inconveniences as much as possible. In order to achieve this goal, we have established the following scheduling guidelines:

Adjustment Appointments:

The adjustment appointment is a shorter appointment, usually 20-40 minutes long. Most of our patients schedule at various times throughout the day, however we do reserve the after school hours for this type of appointment in order to maximize the number of patients that can be seen after school hours. These appointments will occasionally occur during work or school hours and we are happy to provide you with an excuse slip.

Longer Appointment:

Appointments over 40 minutes and appointments that require impressions of the teeth to be taken are scheduled in the morning and early afternoon, prior to 3:00. This allows us to maximize the number of patients we can accommodate after school and work hours. We are happy to provide you with an excuse slip to give school or your employer upon returning.

Keep your Treatment on Schedule:

  • Keep regular scheduled appointments
  • Maintain good oral hygiene
  • Be careful what you eat
  • Wear rubber bands, headgear, appliances as instructed
  • Follow through with recommended treatment and referrals
  • See your General Dentist for a cleaning and exam every 4-6 months

Appointment Reminders:

We provide our patient with a printed appointment slip when scheduling the next appointment before leaving the office. We also send email/text reminders 2 days and 1 hour before appointments. Please keep us current with your phone numbers and email addresses.